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    In 2017 eight in ten victims of police-reported intimate partner violence were female.

    With your help we want to eliminate the issue all together.


    We’re Changing the Conversation

    Violence against women is still happening, still being hidden and still leaving victims strewn across newspaper headlines. For over 40 years, the mission at Halton Women’s Place has been to provide a gateway to safety where women and their families can thrive. Sensationalizing violence is not the answer. We know the problems – we choose to focus on the answers.

    What is #YouToo?

    In honour of the success stories we’ve been privileged to see over the years, we thought we would shift the focus from the violence that happens and rather, we would change the conversation to one about solving the problem – about how You Too can be part of the solution.

    Shift Your Thinking

    Listen To Your Coach

    A Recipe For Respect


    How Are You Part Of The Solution?

    Everyday, we hear about people that were the catalyst for helping someone get out of an abusive situation. We hear about the hero that stopped watching and started participating in helping someone in need - This is where we share their stories, so that we can support the changes that need to be made in our everyday conversations. We don’t need to know what happened – it’s abuse. What we need to hear, is who helped you make it through? How did they help, how did they support you, how did they change the conversation?

    Every Hero Has A Story

    The following voice memos are real survivors thanking their hero. This is recognition to all of the friends, family-members, co-workers and confidants that made it possible for this story having a happy ending.

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    How Can You Help?

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